Fish Styx

During the University of Portsmouth's Gamejam 2019, My group and I created a game called Fish Styx.

Fish Styx is an Endless Swimmer inspired by Yalapa.


For this project, I was the only programmer.

Our full team consisted of four artists, one game designer and one programmer.

Highlights of this game include endless level generation, item pickups with different effects, enemies which chase you, hook item which requires the player to mash out of it should they get caught and a deadly boss fight which will chase you though the whole level

Tank Blast

Tank Blast was created to see what I could complete in a limited time frame, and it worked.


I decided to re-program the entire game after learning more from completing other projects which I had completed afterwards. this is why the project is currently not playable, nor is the source code viewable.

I have learnt more about singletons, delegates and Unity events. 

Freetime/event projects

All projects under this sections where created in my free time or as part of an event

University Projects

Everything below is what I was working on as part of my university course


For one of my final year assignments, My team and I wear working with MOVONIX to create a game for there Movaball hardware, this consisted of a Yogaball and a Sensortag.

I was lead programmer for our team and believe I did a good job of managing the other programmers and implementation of my own code.


Highlights of this project include endless level generation and randomized pickups

Cradle (MOVOBall Game)

Mathematics Game (3D manipulation)

For this project, the intention was to create a 3D inspector-like game in Unity, while also not being allowed to use any of Unity's classes (eg. No Mathf) to show that we can understand and implement maths into our code.

the player is awarded points for getting there object as close to the goal target as possible.


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"On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer."

- Satoru Iwata

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