I have always wanted to work in the games industry since the second I got my hands onto a controller, The stories games like Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon and Sonic Adventure showed me how much I love this form of storytelling.

In my early years, I spent most of my free time messing around with the free version of game maker, eventually, I got access to Unity and Unreal around the same time. I gravitated more to Unity as UDK3 at the time seems a lot more complicated to me compared to the other engine.

During college, I wasn't making games but I was starting to understand computer programming, during this time I learnt PBP, HTML, C#, C++ and very little JavaScript. I successfully graduated from college with a DDM grade, which got me into university.

At University, I mostly learnt the ins and outs of Unity due to unit requirements, this helped me to collect a better understanding of clean programming and how to make my code understandable by other programmers.

It hasn't been till recently that I started using Unreal Engine 4, I surprisingly liked it since what I have learnt from unity seemed to be easily translatable to unreal.

so far I have created a few projects outside of education, only some of which are ready to be shown, but I hope to never stop creating.


Thanks so much for reviewing my Games Programmer Portfolio. For questions about my skills and experience, or even if you just want to say hi, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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