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Cradle MOVOBall Game

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

As one of my last year projects from University. My team and I were tasked with creating a game for the MOVONIX MOVOBall, A device that takes a Yoga ball and tracks its movements using a sensor tag, this can then be sent to a Bluetooth device to accept the inputs as movements.

Image from MOVONIX.

For this project, I started out as the lead programmer but around halfway through, I became the team leader and was able to take our troubled group to complete our project in time with an improved grade.

Against our better judgement, we decided to create two games, down from the total three we originally wanted. Our first game, Paperflight, is where I put most of my time into programming.

I was responsible for creating the procedural generation for both the mountains and the collectable the player can pick up during their runs.

The procedural generation works as each item is contained in their own cells which also calls for their destruction, telling the system that new elements are required as well as cleaning up their own mess.

My other tasks involved how the player interacted with the game, most of this was down to taking inputs from the sensor tag and translating physical movements into game inputs.

I became the team leader during the second game, Dungeon Crawler and because of this I did not contribute much to the programming side of the game. My tasks during this project were mainly to get everyone back on track and get the game finished in time.

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